Pilot Project on Improvement of main roads and Community roads in Kabul City PHASE02 Lot

Project Description
Location:Kabul(first Macroryan)
Client:Japan International Cooperation Agency
Implementer:Galaxy Construction Co
Role:Prime Contractor
Status:Completed (100%)

The scope of this project includes survey, design and construction for improvement of East-West North Kabul Airport Arterial Road and Community Road in Kabul, The project consist of 14m wide asphalt with 18cm thickness, 3.6 M Footpath both hand side, Concrete Ditches on both sides ,2m wide median with street lighting pole system testing and completion, including the remedying of all defects of the Eastern segment of the East- West North Kabul Airport Arterial Road 6.7 km form Khoja Boqra to Despitchary, Kabul (LOT B). Mentioned project acts as rang road in Kabul city and made according highway standard and engineering Norms.